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There are many great websites and blogs about, here are my favourites that deserve your attention!

If anyone wants their sites’s address on the page, then please get in touch.

Contact: Twitter: @BackOfTheNetJL Email: – Excellent blog from an aspiring sports journalist and Barnet Fan Josh Ilan, the content is brilliant, look out for his special features, you’ll see why he gets so many views! –  Another blog from a keen writer, there are some brilliant articles on all different topics, he is aiming to cover as much football as he can, so keep an eye out for it! – A recently set up site, that is entirely dedicated to the 72 clubs in the Football League. They are looking for writers to cover different teams and will eventually have a writer covering each side outside the top flight. – A world football blog created by Dan Rawley, a Torquay supporter. He regularly updates the blog and delivers some exceptional content, that is very detailed. He writes about all leagues, including European leagues, but also takes a shine to the world of Caribbean Football aswell as Oceania you’ll learn more about the unknown leagues in world football. – World Football Weekly is a free publication that is released every week and can be downloaded. It covers a range of leagues and includes some top features, such as previews and more. Also includes round ups on all the weeks action in all leagues and divisions. – A great sports podcast hosted by two comical lads called Tom and Tom. The podcast is always improving and developing and better equipment is now being used! The podcast is full of banter and comedy with a slight look at the recent issues in Sport. In some of the episodes they have quizzes and play some mad games, definitely worth a listen! Yet another blog that voices another person’s opinions and views on the latest topics in football. On the blog is some very tactical articles, that look at certain teams systems and how players are key to certain teams. Some terrific work on the blog, that also has many scout reports. A top blog that deserves your attention. Another exciting site that needs to be looked at. The blog is not only for opinions and views, but also some great articles, top 10’s and more. It is a very good blog, that is updated regularly with different pieces and articles. Check out the blog to see some of the fantastic articles that have been completed. Added minutes is one of many wordpress sites that I am following and it is a superb site, if your looking for pure detail and top quality content. It offers a grown ups insight into the major issues currently occuring in the beautiful game. Insight. Review. Opinion. It really is a blog for all things football and is a must-visit! A blog that belongs to Brentford fan Nico Campbell. On the blog are articles on a variety of topics, from the latest going-ons at his beloved Brentford to looking at some hot prospects in world football, aswell as much more. Certainly a blog worth a visit. Jermaine Nelson, a follower of Arsenal, Charlton and non-league side Hayes and Yeading, has recently set up a blog and it is definitely one to look at. He is here to give his opinions and views on pretty much everything in boxing and football and definitely deserves to be looked at. Another good blog from Arsenal fan and Barnet follower Chris Moar. Chris writes some really well-written and detailed articles, so I definitely reccomend you have a look. A great blog from someone who is very knowledgable when it comes to football. The blog mainly consists of fantastic tactical analysis and all articles are very enjoyable to read. A blog which is owned by Liverpool and Wolfsburg fan Liam Lee, but it also features pieces from a host of great writers. It is regularly updated and there are some very interesting articles. A blog which mainly consists of views and analysis from a huge football enthusiast. Articles mainly focus on the Premier League and La Liga, but all are very enjoyable to read. A great blog from someone who is very passionate about their football. Writes some excellent articles and is very knowledgable on a number of leagues in world football. A brilliant blog from a big football lover. Plenty of views and opinions on all things football. Definitely worth a look. One of the best sites I know of. Covering everything world football. Brilliant articles and top coverage of all leagues. A site which includes plenty of opinions and views. Really good to read so I suggest you have a look. A brilliant site completely dedicated to football manager. Packed with tips, guides and articles on the most addictive game known to man. A relatively new blog which I have come across, but it’s definitely worth having a look at. Great articles on a range of different football topics. A fantastic blog from someone who really knows their stuff. Articles are always well written and enjoyable to read.



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