A year has passed

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July 24, 2013 by backofthenetjl

imageYes that’s right, a year has passed since I set up my blog in July last year, and I believe it’s been a pretty successful move changing from a website, to a blog, with this allowing me to give more opinion, rather than just publishing news and gossip etc. It’s also increased my exposure massively; I could never imagine I would reach so many views when I set-up the blog.

I have always had a keen interest in football for as long as I can remember, but over the past couple of years my passion for it has grew enormously. Admittedly, I’m quite addicted to it now! In my view, I think I know a fair bit about football, so with setting up a blog, engaging with people on twitter and watching plenty of games, my knowledge has improved on certain topics and leagues in the game. I’ve also come across some very good people on twitter, who have gave me really helpful feedback on my work and have pointed me in the direction of some great ways to get my work out there.

Originally, I set up a website (backofthenetfootball.webs.com), with the idea of providing news, rumours, results and all updates on all things football, with a few quizzes from time-to-time as well. Unfortunately, the website didn’t attract many views and I didn’t really feel it enabled me to ‘get out there’. I also felt that news and rumours wasn’t really my ‘forte’, I was more suited to giving my opinion. So I made the decision to create a blog, with it first being called: “backofthenetfootball.wordpress.com”. Immediately, I noticed that the exposure I received was significantly higher than what I had with the site and the early stages of my blog ran relatively smooth, with a decent number of views coming in.

As for my twitter, I had given it a bit of a revamp and instead of tweeting football news; I began to become more analytical and opinionated. Back Of The Net was a decent name, but for me it was too common and un-original; I needed a change and so I re-branded the blog to ‘The Disguised Pass’. Not only did the URL of my blog name change, so did my twitter username and I’m now nicely known as ‘@DisguisedPass’.

Since setting up my blog, I have now amassed over 14,000 overall views, which I’m quite proud of, especially as I had so few views on my other site. I have also had work featured on some very reputable magazines/sites. But without my readers, I wouldn’t have got anywhere so I’d really like to thank everyone who has had a look at my blog. Hopefully I’ll keep you entertained with my pieces and on my twitter feed, where I’ll be airing my views in less words and characters.

Hopefully when another year comes around, the boys in sky blue will have won a few more trophies.

Follow me on twitter: @DisguisedPass


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