What’s it like being a Boro fan?

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June 23, 2013 by backofthenetjl


Yet another piece in the series, here James Cartwright explains a little more what its like to support Middlesbrough.

Disappointment is a word that becomes familiar as a Boro fan. Success seems to evade, the 128 years they had to wait for a trophy just highlights that Boro we’re destined to be a disappointment. Apart from our solitary Carling Cup victory, reaching the Uefa Cup Final is our biggest success. The emotion will never be relived in my years of being a Boro fan, the expectational circumstances of mounting unbelievable comebacks was the pinnacle of it all.

Relegation was something that didn’t bother me back in 2009. Naively I thought we would return to Premier League instantly, but still Boro find themselves in the Championship to this date. Our Premier League status was took for granted, Boro fans would usually get bored of mid table Premier League finishes. They would yearn for more, now we simply just yearn for promotion to the Premier League. Even just a playoff spot.

Boro are somewhat in limbo in terms of having a rivalry. To the other two big North East clubs, Boro are like a child kicking the shoes of both Newcastle & Sunderland. While they just laugh & ruffle Boro’s hair. Our closest neighbours Darlington & Hartlepool have never been at the same level as Boro, both proclaim to have hate for Boro. While many Boro fans views both Pools & Darlo as ‘too crap to hate’.

Boro are certainly not a team to support if you want an easy ride. Other than disappointment, frustration is another buzz word. It definitely has its ups & downs, even if the downs are more prominent than the ups.

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