What’s it like being a Fulham fan?

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June 8, 2013 by backofthenetjl


In the most recent post in the series ‘what’s it like being a …. fan?’, Geran Roberts tells us what’s it like supporting Fulham.

It is not easy being a Fulham fan. The old age of the team is one problem, we have some very promising talents such as Chris David, Kerim Frei and Pajtim Kasami, they are very talented and yet don’t get played which makes most Fulham fans unhappy and frustrated.

Another problem is our inconsistency. Win, lose or draw I will still support Fulham proudly but it’s so frustrating. Going back to 2009/10 season when we reached the Europa League final was just crazy and amazing and really unexpected if I’m honest. When Diego Forlan scored that 117th minute winner, my heart sank, it was the first time as a football fan that I wanted to cry. For a small club from London who have never spent a lot on players and never really achieved a lot, it was truly an amazing run for us and I can’t thank Roy Hodgson enough for what he did for our club!

Last season was probably one of the most frustrating season as a Fulham fan for me. Starting all away from the summer transfer window, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Berbatov was joining Fulham and then I saw that Dempsey and Dembele, 2 crucial and quality players joining Spurs and us running out of time for replacements was just gutting. We got off to a flying start with a 5-0 win against Norwich. By end of November I thought we could finish in an European spot, but then the poor results came, drawing Wigan and Southampton at home was not good enough! And then finished 12th at the end of the season. It’s quite annoying but happy being a Fulham fan as you never know what the result in our game is going to be, e.g beating spurs at white hart lane and drawing Arsenal 3-3 at the Emirates.

One last problem is our lack of team football. Ever since Berbatov joined Fulham, all the team have done is pass it to him which is so frustrating to watch as he’s so lazy but also amazing to watch as his touch is just quality. I like the old Fulham when we passed it about nicely and tired the opposing time out and took our chances!

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