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March 24, 2013 by backofthenetjl

We have another contribution from @TikaTakaFooty, he has written a piece on Arsene Wenger and the current situation at Arsenal. Here it is:

“Someone needs to tell Arsène Wenger that lent lasts for 6 weeks and not 8 years.” This was the joke ‘doing the rounds’ on the internet as Arsenal crashed out of the FA cup Last-16 at the hands of Blackburn Rovers to ensure yet another trophy-less season for the Gunners. Even as I write this article, Piers Morgan informs the world on twitter that it is now 2,862 days since Arsène Wenger won a trophy. Needless to say, that’s a long time.

But what’s this I hear the Arsenal fans saying? “He’s got no money to spend.” Ah. The age old excuse of Wenger having no money is of course, a lie. Wenger spent £10m on Mertesacker, £6m on Santos, £11m on Gervinho, £12m on Giroud, £5m on Park – he’s had money, just squandered it. If you’re looking at value for money, travel no further than across North London and glance at Spurs’ summer business. £13m for Lloris, £15m for Dembélé and £9.5m for Vertonghen. No small fee for each player but definitely worth it in parallel with each player’s undeniable quality.


Arsenal are in danger, serious danger of sliding into mid-table obscurity if they don’t qualify for this season’s Champions League. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before – remember Liverpool? Champions League challengers reduced to years of inconsistency and mediocrity in one season – and still – they’re in the infamous ‘transition’ period. So surely enough is enough? Surely Wenger deserves the metaphorical axe and surely Arsenal need a shake-up, a wake-up, a new inspiration? The answer is: no they don’t. Not according to the owners anyway. Arsenal fans have to realise that sacking Wenger is harder than a phone call. Why would owners sack a manager who consistently brings in £50m pounds of revenue every year whilst seemingly also assuring the fans and owners a passage into the lucrative top four. Whilst domestic silverware is sentimental to all football fans, cash is king not cups. It’s the people’s game no more… As Liverpool collected their £100,000 prize winnings for the Carling Cup last year, barely fluttering the tills in FSG headquarters, Chelsea had racked up nearly £40m of prize money from the Champions League alone, excluding tickets sales and TV rights et cetera in a run that led them to victory and ultimately prize money worth more than 130 Carling Cup victories.

Therefore, to briefly conclude, despite Arsenal’s 8 year trophy ‘abstinence’, Arsène Wenger has done more than enough to retain his job for years to come. However, Top 4 is a necessity.

Hope you enjoyed the article; please follow the writer of this article on twitter @TikaTakaFooty. Enjoy your Easters!



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