Assessing Jack Rodwell’s performance against Saints

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August 22, 2012 by backofthenetjl

We learnt many things from the blues 3-2 win over Southampton, one is that we just love to win the hard way, 2 is that Samir Nasri has improved vastly and is playing brilliantly, 3 is that David Silva is not a penalty taker and 4 is that signing Jack Rodwell may be a good bit of business, unlike others had claimed.

I have always been a fan of Rodwell since he broke into the Everton starting 11, making his debut at the age of 16. Watching him, he has always looked very comfortable sitting and protecting the defence. He may not chip in with a bunch of goals, but he contributes to the team excellently and will work hard and give 100% every game.

Even before he had played a game for City, I was happy with the signing, because although he is still young and improving, he is a very mature lad and listening to his interview, he seemed very down to earth and happy to be part of the project at City. One moment in his career that always vividly stands out, is his goal against United, his first career goal. He powered past Jonny Evans and calmly slotted the ball past Van der Sar, almost identical to Yaya Toure’s goal in the Semi Final of the Fa Cup at Wembley.

Starting the recent fixture with Southampton, was actually quite a major surprise for Jack and most City fans. He had only trained with his team-mates twice and to make your debut infront of a big crowd at the Etihad, isn’t easy.

So here is an assessment of the youngsters performance:

Passing: His passing looked superb, he was able to play some great short passes into the path of Yaya Toure, Silva and Nasri, aswell as playing some lovely cross field passes. Apart from the one missed-placed pass for the 2nd Saints goal, his passing was very good. It is a good area of your game to have if your going to be playing for City, as they focus on a keeping possession and moving the ball around the pitch quickly. 8/10

Composure: For a 21-year-old to be making his debut for the Premier League Champions, he was so calm and confident when on the ball. He didn’t panic at all and he has good control of the ball, when pressured on the ball, he doesn’t quickly get rid of the ball, he looks up and spots a team-mate in a good position. He may not of had the confidence to take on defenders, but as a Defensive Midfielder, he was very composed on the ball. 7/10

Vision: As a Midfielder, having good vision is what you look for in a Midfielder, and Rodwell has showed that he can pick out team-mates easily on some occasions. He linked up very well with Yaya Toure, and despite starting play from the back and passing backwards to Kompany, Lescott, Clichy and Zabaleta, he also found Silva and Nasri and played some incisive balls into the path of the two mercurial magicians. He is a very intelligent player and his vision clearly shows that. 7/10

Overall Performance: On the whole, I personally think it was a good debut for Rodwell, he was very impressive and showed some promising signs for the season. Apart from one mistake, he was solid, he was committed and determined, everything City fans want in a player. He may not of had the debut that consisted of Samir Nasri providing 3 assists in the game against Spurs, or Aguero’s stunning cameo debut against Swansea, but it is only the start of things to come from Rodwell and if he comes up with more performances like these and improves on other area’s of his games, it could eventually become a excellent signing for the blues. 7/10


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